Alinor for suppliers

Streamline every step of the advanced materials selling process.

Focus on research and manufacturing and we will handle the rest. Completely free.


Material data points organized and curated, so you can find the most optimized solution for your task.

Only the best

For the first time ever, the AM industry is transparent and in one place.


A full features suite, including payments. All standardized, compatible with any kind of buyer.


Manage your company, products, invoices, orders, and more. All extremely fast to use.

Scalable for any size

Stay on the same page with departments, teams, or colleagues.

With Alinor everyone involved in the transaction is on the same page and can communicate with potential leads. There are no limits to how many accounts you can have on Alinor. Rotate from sales to technical teams and anything in between.

Data powered exposure

Allow buyers to find you on the first search engine for advanced materials properties.

With Alinor, buyers find you based on what actually matters. Your material’s properties, capabilities, and potential applications. If you believe there are applications in an industry you have no connections to yet, Alinor will push your products into that industry.


Full control. Set your own price, terms, shipping, and more. Alinor just makes it easier.

We don’t want to standardize your products. Negotiate everything with a
buyer, from the material itself, to pricing. Alinor makes it faster and easier.

Common supplier questions.

Alinor is a B2B marketplace for advanced materials (AM). We build the services that make AM discovery, communication, payment, etc more efficient and at a larger scale than ever.

Alinor was created to lift the veil on the AM industry and make it procuring from any AM supplier on the planet (no matter their size) as simple as possible.

Alinor is headquartered in Finland and is led by experienced technical personnel and advised by the AM industry’s biggest leaders and organizations.

Nothing to use. A small processing fee is added to each completed transaction (3-8%) on the buyer's side.

My material can’t be standardized.
We don’t think so either. Not a single material on Alinor is standardized. Think of us as a tool to communicate with a buyer to
create the material to their requirments and make the management of that relationship 100x faster and easier.

I only make custom materials upon request.
Alinor’s buyers have access to a custom material request system. They don’t need to find your material to send you a request.
You will get requests from custom solution seekers automatically.

I am a material use consultant.
Alinor seeks to support every type of organization in the AM industry. With our upcoming project manager, users will be able to
add consultants to projects they are working on. Sign up for feature newsletter to stay updated on this.

I don’t need a new sales channel.
Alinor does a lot more. You can move your existing buyers to Alinor at no fee to them and make invoicing, order management,
and communication automated and much faster. You will also get access to tons of analytics on your business, all for free. If you
have testing equipment, you can charge other companies to test their samples through Alinor as well.

We are too small.
No such thing. Alinor was made to make small players compatible with any sized organization on the planet. If you are a small
group of researchers, through Alinor you can get your materials in front of every major player while we handle terms, payment,
invoicing, and more. You actually do not need another tool besides Alinor.

Alinor seeks to offer a very curated platform of the most important companies in the advanced materials space and we
invite companies that agree to comply with our business and product requirements.

There is none. Alinor was made to solve the bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the AM market because its the right thing to do.
We are a company and we make money through a transaction fee paid by the buyer. It is completely free to sellers.
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