Published on 2023-03-03

New features - 03.03.23

Written by Eric

Updates to invoices:

Suppliers can now use their own invoices on Alinor. This has been a mass requested feature and we are supporting it as of today. When creating an offer, simply choose whether to have Alinor generate an invoice for you or not by checking in the box. You can then attach your own invoice to the offer in the documents section.

Updates to offers:

Suppliers on Alinor are now able to send offers to any buyer outside the platform. You can create an offer, generate a private link, and send it to your customer via email or any other communication tool. No more worries about trying to convince buyers to create accounts beforehand.

Updates to chat:

Suppliers are able to format messages with a full text editor now. Bullet points, multiple paragraphs, etc. This will make the presentation of complex information much easier. We released a new notification system for chats as well. You can now see when a message is unread or read. Alinor will update you on the status of chats via email as well.

Coming Soon 

Very soon we will be releasing property filters. Suppliers will be able to choose what properties their material correlates to, and buyers can find those materials by those properties. A big step towards standardization of the measurements used by the AM industry.

And more coming soon :) Thanks to everyone who's using Alinor and giving us so much valuable feedback.