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Streamline every step of the advanced materials procurement process.

Alinor is the single best place to find every AM supplier, no matter how small. Procure from them in a single standardized way, with no risk.

Why Alinor

The most efficient, easy to use, and cheapest way to approach the advanced materials space.

Every step of the advanced materials procurement chain has been accounted for and built for you. For the first time every organization in advanced materials is on the same page and with standardized business processes.


Material data points organized and curated, so you can find the most optimized solution for your task.

Only the best

We found the best AM suppliers in Europe so you don’t have to, all verified and KYC checked.


SMEs don't have the best processes for purchasing. We digitized payments and order management.


Manage the post purchase Consultancy process in a centralized task manager.

Risk minimization

Skip the months-long supplier verification process. Deal with only pre-verified suppliers.

We collect extensive know-your-customer information, hold your payment in escrow until a supplier has delivered, offer customizable order terms, and much more so you can confidently procure.

Standardized payments, invoices, order documentation, and more.
Escrow payment until order terms fulfilled.
KYC verification on all businesses.
Identity verification on all individuals.
Detailed pre-made order terms, from packaging to privacy.

Data powered exposure

Find suppliers on the first search engine for advanced materials properties.

With Alinor, you search for suppliers based on what actually matters. Their material’s properties, capabilities, and potential applications. We reduce the time needed to find a new supplier by multiple months.

Common buyer questions.

Alinor is a B2B marketplace for advanced materials (AM). We build the services that make AM discovery, communication, payment, etc more efficient and at a larger scale than ever.

Alinor was created to lift the veil on the AM industry and make it procuring from any AM supplier on the planet (no matter their size) as simple as possible.

Alinor is headquartered in Finland and is led by experienced technical personnel and advised by the AM industry’s biggest leaders and organizations.

Nothing to use. A small processing fee is added to each completed transaction (3-8%) on the buyer's side.

Create an account as either a buyer or supplier. As we handle large monetary sums on our platform, we need basic KYC information about your business. Alinor will get back to you within 24 hours.

Alinor seeks to offer a very curated platform of the most important companies in the advanced materials space and we
invite companies that agree to comply with our business and product requirements.
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