The most powerful
materials in the universe.

Alinor is the end-to-end marketplace platform for advanced materials.
Discover, inquire, communicate, order, pay, manage, and more in one place.

Full solution

The marketplace built for advanced materials.

We built every feature needed for every step related to the sales of the most advanced products on earth. No matter if you are a small research lab, or a big enterprise, Alinor has something to offer you. And it's free.


The modern way to operate in the
advanced materials industry.

Technology discovery

Material categorization tools built for our users to increase material adoption and discovery rates.

Safe environment

Verified companies on both sides of transactions. A multitude of tools for secure transactions.

Efficient interactions

Alinor offers custom order, management terms, payment handling, escrow, and much more.


Employee and project management, shipping integration, sales, and more features coming.

Benefiting everyone

Value for all sides of each


We made procuring from innovative
organizations faster, easier, and cheaper.

Procure with standardized financial tools.
Discover use cases and materials.
Verified suppliers.

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Put your operations online for free.
Gain exposure and access to countless other services.

Fluid communications from sales to technical.
More exposure and adoption.
Standardized for enterprise.

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Coming Soon

We are constantly developing more services to bring
more of the AM community on one platform.

Project management with consultants and researchers.
Automated procurement tools.
Much more.

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Common questions.

Alinor is a B2B marketplace for advanced materials (AM). We build the services that make AM discovery, communication, payment, etc more efficient and at a larger scale than ever.

Alinor was created to lift the veil on the AM industry and make it procuring from any AM supplier on the planet (no matter their size) as simple as possible.

Alinor is headquartered in Finland and is led by experienced technical personnel and advised by the AM industry’s biggest leaders and organizations.

Nothing to use. A small processing fee is added to each completed transaction (3-8%) on the buyer's side.

Create an account as either a buyer or supplier. As we handle large monetary sums on our platform, we need basic KYC information about your business. Alinor will get back to you within 24 hours.

Alinor seeks to offer a very curated platform of the most important companies in the advanced materials space and we
invite companies that agree to comply with our business and product requirements.
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